"We have always pushed the envelope in design, pulling off truly innovative and artistic projects. The end result we achieve for our clients is unparalleled." As a full service construction, design, and renovation company, ICONstrux is committed to building unique and luxurious spaces while delivering the highest in quality and service. The company has been working in Houston-area construction since the late 1990s. We set ourselves apart, from our space-planning process, to our design, to our finishes. We pride ourselves on two things: innovation and customer service. ICONstrux works with clients to create a conceptual design and utilize architects we have relied upon for the past 20 years. In every project, the details are paramount which is why we obsess over them. That goes for both architectural elements and those sometimes overlooked details. The scope of work we provide is unrivaled so that we can do what ever is necessary to exceed our client's tastes.
RESIDENTIAL Whether it’s your first home, a new home for the family, or a welcome change now that the kids are gone, ICONstrux can offer you a place you are happy to call home.
COMMERCIAL The renovation arm of ICONstrux was created to fill a void for the company's existing commercial clients. With our knowledge of efficient space planning and an understanding of what our clients will benefit from, the end- result we achieve for our clients is unparalleled.
MULTI-FAMILY ICONstrux has gained the trust of some of he largest and most recognized companies in the business, such as Greystar, Trammell Crow, CIM, M-M Properties, Morgan Group, Sueba, CBRE and Lincoln property Co., who have allowed us to show how them how creative we can be when renovating their multi-family facilities.
WHAT WE DO Beyond the scope of the average construction company
We interview our clients, understand their needs and what they want, then plan the project accordingly. We will always request a brief meeting with the end-users of any project to develop a genuine understanding of what is or is not needed in their workspace.
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Build The renovation arm of ICONstrux was created to fill a void for the higher-end design and renovations for the company's existing multifamily and light-commercial clients. Our founder has been in the construction business for over 20 years in the local Houston market. Our business model is set up to be very flexible because we offer many different facets within the new construction arena.
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